Accommodation in San Felice Circeo, Italy

Short term rental - 500mt from the beach - Sleeps 4 - Rent by owner

Suggested routes

Let's look at some of the possible routes

  1. Caves and Reefs

    Caves and Reefs

    The promontory of Circeo is surrounded by numerous caves, some of considerable historical and archaeological importance, accessible both by sea and by land.

  2. The Pontine Islands

    The Pontine Islands

    The Pontine Islands archipelago is made up of two groups of islands: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone and Gavi in the north-west and Ventotene and St. Stephen in the south-east.

  3. Sports


    Diving, Wind Surfing, Fishing, Kayaking, Tracking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching, Climbing, Paragliding, Tennis, etc.

  4. Medieval hill towns

    Medieval hill towns

    Surrounding the Circeo are many hill towns of medieval origin, some of then very well conserved.

  5. The Domitian’s Villa (I century)

    The Domitian’s Villa (I century)

    The Domitian's Villa (I century) is the largest monumental roman complex in the whole Circeo district.

  6. The Villa Fogliano Hamlet

    The Villa Fogliano Hamlet

    The Fogliano Hamlet area has not only naturalistic relevance, but also historical and architectural, starting since Roman Empire.

  7. The Forest

    The Forest

    The Forest can be visited at anytime of the year. Every season offers a different aspect. Go and have a walk in the forest

  8. The Wetlands

    The Wetlands

    The Park wetlands are represented by the costal lakes (Paola, Caprolace, Monaci and Fogliano), by marshes and humid grasslands.

  9. Rome (day-trip)

    Rome (day-trip)

    San Felice Circeo is one of the most beautiful place around Rome.

  10. Pompeii and Herculaneum (day trip)

    Pompeii and Herculaneum (day trip)

    Some of our guests choose to dedicate one day of their holiday to visit the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.